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Oakfire Ridge

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Center Court Club


A Private Pickleball & Active Lifestyle

Resort Development

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common attitudes, interests, & goals

Communities start with people, not bricks and mortar.

Oakfire Ridge embraces the importance of creating the “Third Place”. A place that is neither home nor work. Spaces that foster social connections, dialogue, and real community.


Member ETHOS

“Hospitality For All” is the guiding principle for Center Court Club Members. 


Staff & Members alike are committed to extending exceptional hospitality and

creating an unparalleled community of genuine connection. 


If you have a passion for a lifestyle of hospitality, 

we invite you to join the community.  

Amazing members deserve amazing cards.

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The Copper Card

Reserve your condominium to become a member of the Center Court Club and enjoy exclusive access to development events and dinners with The Copper Card.


Member Benefits

The '43 Speakeasy

As a future condominium owner, you will be invited to attend private dinners & socials to host new potential members, and participate in development updates.

Hospitality for all

Overlook Kitchen

In addition to The '43 Speakeasy, we will host our private member dinners and socials in the Overlook Outdoor Kitchen, a future feature of the Center Court Club Spa.

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Center Court 

Residing in a private gated community just 20 minutes north of San Antonio, Oakfire Ridge's planned condominium development will be built in the timeless style of modern industrial design.

The Center Court Club Condominiums will serve as a great place to live an active and healthy lifestyle, along with engaging pickleball programming for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

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bedroom update.jpg
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Active Lifestyle &
epic pickleball Programs

Planned Amenities & Services

  • 9 Indoor & 10 Outdoor Courts

  • On-site Pickleball Pros

  • Clinics, Rankings, & Tournaments

  • Private Match Video Replay

  • Pickleball Pro Shop

  • 24-Hour State-of-the-Art Smart Gym

  • Speakeasy Serving Classic Mixology

  • Biergarten & Bistro Cafe

  • Outdoor Ticketed Dinners

  • Sun Terrace Pool & Sundeck

  • Full-Service Spa

  • Nature Preserve

  • Running & Cycling Trails

Front of Hall.png

Members only

Pickleball Court Management

The Center Court Club will provide exclusive access to Oakfire Ridge's 19 pickleball courts for owner-members and their guests.

  • No Public Access or Events

  • Player Level Separated Courts

  • Pro-managed Facilities

  • Member-Only Tournaments, Clinics & Private Lessons

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Charter 100

Exclusive Offer for Cash Qualified Buyers

Join as one of our first 100 charter members in shaping a community rooted in hospitality,

and benefit from exclusive pricing on your purchase.


Charter Member Privileges

Enjoy exclusive access to quarterly development events at Oakfire, both in-person and remotely, during reservation and construction phases. These events will focus on critical updates and your feedback in Community Development, Construction Progress, and Association Services & Standards.


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