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An Entertainment & Culinary Retreat
In The Heart of Smithson Valley 

Fostering community, friendships, and wellness with remarkable hospitality.

Come experience it for yourself. 

The '43 Club

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What is the club?

The '43 Club is the best way to experience all that Oakfire Ridge has to offer.


Club members help build our community of hospitality and gain access to members only spaces across the Oakfire Ridge grounds including The Overlook and The '43 Speakeasy, along with exclusive invitations to events.

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Flavors to Remember

Members and their guests are invited to a variety of special culinary experiences held in varying locations across the Oakfire Ridge grounds.

Every time you visit, you're sure to be delighted by a new culinary creation.

$75 - $125

Movies Under the stars

The Sun Terrace

Experience your favorite films under the star filled skies of Oakfire Ridge at Movies Under the Stars events.

Members and their guests are granted free entry to Movies Under the Stars events, where eclectic and classic films are shown on our 30ft outdoor projection screen.

Adirondack seating is complimentary and space is provided for those who prefer blanket seating.

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Social Spaces

The Biergarten

Food and entertainment are nothing without the right space.

Our Biergarten is the perfect place to visit with friends over a beer or mixed drink.  Heated by fire pits in the winter and cooled by sprayer fans in the summer, the Biergarten is always comfortable.


The Overlook

When you need to get a little space away from the group, feel free to come down to The Overlook and watch the sunset in one of our hammocks or adirondack chairs.


Spaces just for you

The '43 Speakeasy

When you become a member of The '43 Club you get to hang out in our exclusive members-only speakeasy.

Members-only access to The '43 Speakeasy is available during all members-only events.

Relax in the conversation den to live or period music with a premium cocktail.

Select Wines

Enjoy one of our carefully curated White, Red or Rosé wines.

Wine is sold by the glass or the bottle and can be purchased with a Member's Copper Card.

$12 - $40

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Carefully crafted cocktails

The '43 Speakeasy, while being a little bit of a secret in itself, has some secrets of its own.

Hand-crafted cocktails are served in The '43 and can only be purchased with a member's Copper Card.

When approaching the bartender, knock twice on the counter to see the secret menu.

$12 - $15

Private Events

'43 Club Members and Oakfire Corporate Partners are welcome to reserve Oakfire Ridge for private events such as parties, business meetings or retreats.

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Beef Steak
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The '43 Club


Contact Us

1275 Stoney Ridge Rd, Bulverde, TX 78168





- Morgan J.

A few questions you may have.

When does my membership take effect and when can I attend my first event?

Your annual membership takes effect the subsequent month from the date of sign-up. 


Example: If a new member signs up and pays their annual membership fee on January 21st, their annual membership takes effect on February 1st, at which time their monthly copper card credits are charged and event notifications begin.

Is Membership Limited?

Yes, membership is limited to 50 new members per month and a total of 500 members in total.  This will allow us to grow in a way that offers adequate member event opportunities while maintaining an environment conducive to a relaxing, one-of-a-kind experience.

Is my spouse included in my membership?

Yes, your spouse can be named as a shared member and will be issued a member card that is connected to the same account balance as the primary card.

Can I bring guests?

Yes, you are allowed to bring the same guest(s) to members-only events twice per year.

Can I bring someone under 21?

No, Oakfire Ridge is a 21+ venue.

What happens if I don't spend all of my monthly copper card credit?

Unused monthly copper card credits do not roll over to next month. 

How are negative balances handled?

It is common for members to charge more than $300 per month on their copper cards. Therefore, in the event your copper card charges create a negative balance, your credit card on file will be charged to bring the balance back to $0, until your next month's card credit dues are charged.

Can I cancel my membership?

Member commitment is for one year and members receive an opportunity at each annual renewal to opt-out of membership.

If a member ends membership prior to their annual anniversary date, their credit card on file will be charged for the remaining monthly annual commitment.  

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed on the property.  Oakfire Ridge has an active wildlife program with two working Texas Lacey K-9s.

If you have a certified service animal you plan to bring to an Oakfire event, please notify us prior to your visit.